The Blended and Step Family Resource Center

The Blended and Step Family Resource Center was founded in 2006 by internationally known counselor, best selling author and speaker, Shirley Cress Dudley, to help blended and step families become strong and successful.  We offer you Blended Family advice and direction for your blended or step family. 

We hope you enjoy the many resources available here- coaching, books, webinars, podcasts, articles and the many contributions of our blended and step families:  stories, photos, poems and videos.You can reach us to make an appointment for telephone coaching.

Testimonials and Comments about Shirley Cress Dudley and The Blended and Step Family Resource Center:

“Shirley Cress Dudley is one of the most caring professionals in the stepfamily area I have had the privilege to speak with.” 
~Tricia Powe, Talk Show Host and founding director of Stepfamily Straight Talk.
“I’ll use your book, Blended Family Advice, with my clients, it’s much needed.”
~Kara Tamanini, Therapist and author
“If you are blending your family- you want to be coached by The Blended and Step Family Resource Center. They’re the best.”
~Maritza, step mom
“My goodness, thank you so very much!…the information you gave us is so inspiring.  We both intend to follow through with your many pointers. Again- thank you so much!
~Chloe, step mother
“Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and direction…with the good Lord by our side and your encouraging words, I believe we can get through this all together. Thank you again. God bless you.”
~ Stephanie, part of a blended family
“There’s so much helpful information in Blended Family Advice, I want to share it with all my friends who are in blended families.”
~ Linda M., stepmum from Ireland
Blended Family Advice is just what I needed! Thank you.”
~ Kelly, stepmom
“I’m so glad I found you on Twitter (MarriageNFamily) and I love your website. It’s given me new found hope in going forward with all the challenges ahead in my blended family.”~Jamie
“You’re website has been so helpful with the different lists of ‘Do’s and Don’ts’. It’s quite validating and reassuring to a person like me.” ~Deja
“Finally someone wrote down everything I needed to hear, but didn’t realize. Blended Family Advice– the book, gives me hope I can be positive and successful in my blended family.”~ Tina K., step mom and new mother
“You presented some great issues to consider. I am grateful to you for easing my mind on this sensitive subject. Thank you for your guidance and suggestions.” ~ Lesia, blended family mom
“You’ve been so helpful. We really appreciate your guidance.” ~ Susan, stepmom
I really appreciate you taking the time to give me answers to my questions. Also, I really enjoy reading everything you write.~ Nicola, teenager in a step family
“Thanks for making a difference.” ~ Randall
“I’m really glad there’s someone out there, doing what you’re doing.  God bless!” ~ Dick
“Keep on doing what you’re doing, Shirley. You’re brightening things for all those kids out there trying to figure out what’s going on in divorces and remarried families. God Bless.” ~Lorne
“Keep on changing the world…one blended family at a time, by supporting and building them up!” ~Louise
“I’m thrilled to find this blended family resource.  There are so few out there for parents with step kids.  Thank you!”
~Mekela, step mom
`“I admire your work on behalf of blended families.” ~Terri
“I wish I had an army of people like you.  Keep it up.”~ Jeff Wolfsberg, Teen and Family Expert, Drug and Alcohol Educator, Speaker
“If I have a blended family in need of coaching, I’ll send them to you.” ~Coach Dee Kite
“Thank you Shirley. We will continue to try to stay focused on the present and future and try to let go of the past.  You are simply awesome for all of your help!” ~Debbie, stepmom
“Shirley, your advice is so insightful and helpful!”~ Peggy, step mom
“Thank you for all your insight and valuable advice, it’s been really helpful.” ~Susan, stepmother
“Thank you. I will follow the advice that you gave.  I appreciate it.” ~ Miesha, stepmom
Blended Family Advice is beneficial to me and my wife (who are in our first marriage.) Things like focuing on us first, and agreeing better on finances and more.” ~ Richard Barnes, author of Estate Planning for Blended Families:  Providing for your Spouse and Children in a Second Marriage (Nolo Press, 2009.)
“Your book, Blended Family Advice, is right on target.” ~Faye R., retired counselor
“I appreciate the work you do with families!  Thanks for being the voice that is needed” ~Mark Hundley, Speaker, Author, Psychotherapist, Life Coach.