Blended and Step Family Coaching

The Blended and Step Family Resource Center offers coaching sessions to blended or step family parents.  These sessions are held by telephone and $150 prepaid.  We also offer packages for a discounted price.
We also focus on those recovering from divorce and ready for a new beginning, along with dating coaching and relationship coaching.

  • Coaching is different from counseling.  Coaching is more direct, and less intensive than counseling.  Our coaching sessions focus on your immediate needs and concerns.
    Most couples find that a weekly check-in with a blended family coach keeps their step family issues in control and creates a positive and healthier environment for everyone in the family.
  • Each session includes one 50 minute session of coaching, Coaching is more effective when both husband and wife are present.
  • We also offer co-parenting coaching- if there are issues between the biological parents. All parents involved (stepparents, biological parents, and engaged couples) should be included in these sessions

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Comments from Blended Families about Shirley Cress Dudley

“My goodness, thank you so very much! …The information that you gave us is so inspiring and we both intend
to follow through with your many pointers. Again thank you so much!”
-Chloe, step mother
“I’m so glad I found you on Twitter (BlendedFamily4U) and I love your website. It’s given me newfound hope in going forward with all the challenges ahead in my blended family.”- Jamie
“Thanks for all your advice, you’re an angel! – Lisa, stepmom
“We will continue to try to stay focused on the present and future and try to let go of the past.  You are simply awesome for all of your help!” – Debbie, stepmom
“You presented some great issues to consider.  I am grateful to you for easing my mind on this sensitive subject. Thank you for your guidance and suggestions.”  Lesia- blended family mom
“Shirley, your advice is so helpful and insightful.” – Peggy, step mom
“Thank you for your valuable insight and advice, it’s been extremely helpful.” – Susan, stepmother
“Thank you.  I will follow the advice that you gave.  I appreciate it.” –Miesha, stepmom
“Thanks for making a difference!” –Randall
“I’m really glad there’s someone out there, doing what you’re doing.  God bless!” –Dick, stepdad
“I’m thrilled to find this blended family resource. There are so few out there for parents with step kids. Thank you!” –Mekela, stepmom