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Blended Family Advice- the Book

Are you struggling in your blended family?

  • Do you and your new spouse argue about how to parent the kids?
  • Does your ex-spouse sabotage your relationship with your new love?
  • Do you wonder if your spouse loves the kids more than you?
  • Does the look of complete helplessness in your child create a sense of despair in you?
  • Are you struggling to create a sense of unity in your new stepfamily?

If you answered “yes!” to any of these questions, then read every word of this letter. I have a solution to your daily stepfamily struggles.

Hi, I’m Shirley Cress Dudley.

Let me tell you a little about me. I’m a licensed professional counselor, and nationally certified counselor. I have two master’s degrees- one in marriage and family counseling, and another in education. All of that education didn’t prepare me for the strong emotional struggles of blending a family, when I became a member of a blended family too.

As an author, speaker and family coach to individuals, couples and families, I have listened to countless families struggle to have a happy and successful blended family. Is it possible? Yes! Is it easy? No? But, there are key principles to learn in order to achieve success and stability in your family.

What is a blended family?
Well, I think of the old Brady Bunch show on Television. Do you remember the house full of 3 blond girls and 3 fellows? It was quite a funny sit-com. Many of us are living in this type of family today. A blended family is when two adults marry and one or both adults bring children, from a previous relationship, into the new marriage. They “blend” the two families into one new family. Some people refer to this as a stepfamily. It all sounds quite easy- but it’s not. I’m sure each of you are experiencing some day-to-day conflict in your family.

I understand how you feel about the difficulties of living in a blended family, because I have experienced some of the same struggles, pain and frustrations that you have, in my own blended family. With many hours of research, and some trial and error, I have figured out many solutions to your needs. I have heard the good stories, the horrible experiences and the just plain funny ones.

I want to save you time and unnecessary stress by giving you the solutions to your blended family concerns. Over 60% of blended families will end in divorce. Let me help your family not be a part of those statistics:

  • Learn to clearly communicate your desires, wants and needs
  • Discover ways to parent each biological and step child equally
  • Blend your unique family into a strong, lasting unit
  • Develop finances that both of you agree is fair and logical

These easy steps will guide you to developing your own successful, blended family.

Blended Family Advice- the book

This book contains the answers you need to solve your blended family issues.Understand the key principles to getting along with your ex:

  • Build strong, healthy lines of communication
  • Learn what battles are important to “win” and what really isn’t crucial

We have all dealt with an angry spouse who uses the children to get what they want. It’s important to learn how to keep your children out of these battles, and let them benefit from time with each of their parents.

Learn how to recover from your child’s visit to the other parent’s house:

  • Have you struggled, when your child returns from a visit to your ex’s house?
  • Do you have trouble getting them to return to your house rules and expectations?
  • Are there issues with fairness on birthdays and holidays with all of your children?

These are key issues that we all struggle with at times.

  • Learn techniques to get the results you want and have a positive experience for everyone during the next major holiday.
  • Discover the secrets to parenting all your kids-fairly and equally
  • Learn ways to negotiate with your spouse on discipline
  • Create methods of talking with your children and stepchildren that are equitable and positive

I want to make this offer accessible to every blended family, especially in this current economy. So, the hours I spent researching and writing this material is given to you for LESS than the cost of one night out, to dinner, with your blended family. Shoot, I’ll even make it less than ordering a pizza and sodas for your blended family.

You could invest in hours of counseling ($50-$200 an hour,) read tons of marriage and family books, and talk with your friends and family who never seem to agree on ways to have a successful blended family. Or you can click here and order this book.

Blended Family Advice The Book, is a great value, but I want to give you more….


$20 off your next coaching session.

Once you start working through the book with your spouse and find areas

in your marriage and family that need special attention, contact me for coaching.

Also, I’ll also autograph the book.

Send me the information you would like written in the dedication and I’ll be happy to put it in the book for you.

Act now and take the steps needed to help your blended family become strong and successful.

.Reviews and Endorsements of Blended Family Advice:

“In ‘Blended Family Advice’ Shirley Dudley lays out a step-by-step game plan for managing a blended family. You will be inspired by the real life success stories included and empowered to take action by the best practices outlined. I would highly recommend parents of teens with blended families read this book and more importantly, put it’s concepts to practice. Think of it as your blended family owner’s manual.” – Josh Shipp, Author of “The Teen’s Guide to World Domination,” TV Host of Jump Shipp, and Founder of

“Blended Family Advice’ is a comprehensive guide to help you live in harmony with your blended family. Shirley Cress Dudley offers you sound advice from learning how to communicate with your new stepchildren, to helping grandparents smoothly adjust to the new family circle. The keys to success in a blended family will be found in this book. ‘Blended Family Advice’ is a quick and easy read, and gives you an action plan to bring your entire family together.” – Sue Scheff, Author of “Wit’s End” and “Google Bomb,” Founder of Parent’s Universal Resource Experts

“Shirley Cress Dudley’s new book, ‘Blended Family Advice,’ is an excellent resource for parents that are blending their families. Blended families face a myriad of adjustment difficulties and her book provides families with important information to work through these issues. Shirley Cress Dudley’s book is truly an invaluable resource for blended families in order to become a cohesive family unit. ‘Blended Family Advice’ is much needed. I will be using it with my blended family clients.” – Kara T. Tamanini, M.S., LMHC Psychotherapist and Founder of Kids Awareness Series

“Shirley Cress Dudley has nailed this hot topic with her book, ‘Blended Family Advice.’ She has taken her first hand experience and honed some real-world advice that all blended families should read and heed.”-Don R. “Dick” Ivey PhD, Author of “My Marriage was Lousy & My Divorce Ain’t So Hot” and “Boiling the Frog–Crises in the American First Family.”

“Shirley, your advice is so helpful and insightful.” – Peggy Nolan, StepMom’s Toolbox

“If I have a blended family in need of coaching, I’ll send them to you. “- Coach Dee Kite

Blended Family Advice is beneficial to me and my wife (who are in our first marriage.) … things like focusing on us first, and agreeing better on finances and more.” – Richard Barnes, attorney and author of Estate Planning for Blended Families: Providing for Your Spouse & Children in a Second Marriage

“I wish I had an army of someone like you considering the kids I work with and the families. Keep it up.”- Jeff Wolfsberg, Teen and Family Expert, Speaker, Alcohol and Drug Educator

I’ll use your book, Blended Family Advice, with my clients, it’s much needed.”- Kara Tamanini, Therapist and Author

“Shirley Cress Dudley is one of the most caring professionals in the stepfamily arena I have had the privilege to speak with.” Tricia Powe, Talk Show Host of Stepfamily Straight Talk