Blended & Step Families Need Laughter and Humor in Life

Great Videos from John Cave Osborne and his Triplets! (born Sept. 07 to his blended family)

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As I’m sure you can understand, the demands of 4 kids under age 10, operating a business where both parents work primarily from home and potty training make for incredibly busy days.  I have hundreds of stories, but when I sat down and thought about which one I have never before shared, I had one memory: Valentine’s Day 2008:
When you have young children, romantic Valentine dinners with your spouse often become the exception. Such was the case last year. My husband took me, 6 months pregnant with our 4th child, our potty-training daughter Hadley, and our two older children out to dinner at a busy restaurant. During the meal, our 2 year old announced that she had to go potty. Very excited that she seemed to be mastering this skill so early (she had just turned 2), I jumped at the chance to take her to the restroom. But when I saw the line of women at the bathroom, I regretted not having brought along a diaper. Luckily, women–particularly Mothers–are gracious. They let us cut ahead when they learned that we were “potty training.”

After Hadley finished her business, I was suddenly aware of my own “pregnant” bladder. It didn’t even occur to me that Hadley already had her mind set on heading to the sink to wash her hands. Just as I sat down on the toilet seat, voila’, Hadley opens the stall door, exposing me, in all my bare-from-the-waist-down pregnant glory, to a restroom packed with women. As if that weren’t enough, she turned to me and shouted “Mommy, GET OFF THE POTTY.” Again, I was saved by a gracious Mom who gasped at the sight of me, then pushed the stall door closed and stood against it until I was finished. When I finally emerged, the other women pretended not to have noticed the show they’d just witnessed, but the way they blushed and looked away to avoid eye contact with me said volumes. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my little story!

Amy Fitch

Other Funny Quotes

Bio-mom tells my bonus kids (stepkids) that their baby sister is just their “half” sister.  I ask them, “Which half- the right or the left half? “Rising above” is the only way to get through it.  Have a great day! – Lisa (stepmom)

I figured out a way to stop my kid’s bad public behavior.  I sing opera music, very loudly.  I only had to do it once; now I just threaten to sing, and my kids stop.  It works great! Anne Perschel

We visited the county fair with my 3 year old half brother. We wanted to take him on all the fun rides and have a great day.  When we got on the Ferris Wheel, he asked, “Is this the wheel of death?”  I laughed and told him that, “No, everyone gets off at the end of the ride- see… it’s fun.” – Rebecca More Funny Kid Stories and QuotesEncouraging Marriage Quotes Funny Marriage Quotes

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Funny Step Dad QuoteMy young stepsons said to me, “Do you know what’s great about if our Dad were dead? We’d still have you!”

Their Dad is really a great guy with whom me and their mom have an excellent relationship. LOL.

Michael Ambrose, Mr. Custody Coach

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