Stepfamily with kids ages 14-19


 is now casting in the Los Angeles area!

“The Stepfamily Project”

Are you between 14 and 19 years old and a part of a family that is about to blend or move in together?  Does the whole concept make you want to scream?  Really?  Then let’s have some fun documenting the craziness!

  • Is your mom or dad about to get (or recently got) married?
  • Are you used to having things your way and you won’t be able to deal?
  • Are you and your step around the same age and you compete over everything?!!
  • Are you guys moving, heading to a new school, trying out for the same team or being forced to get along?
  • Is your mom or dad at their wits’ end, watching all of the chaos between you guys?

Our show will be told from YOUR point of view as you document all of the funny stuff, annoying stuff and never-ending drama that’ll go on in your new life with the Steps!  Armed with a flip-cam, this is your chance to show the audience that it’s not so easy to blend into a new family!  The parents are along for the ride, too, as you’ll show us how they react to you and your Step trying to figure it all out.

Share a room?  No way! Move to a new school? Unthinkable! 

Go on vacation with her?!  We must be kidding!

If you’re ready to haves some fun as you settle into an unfamiliar world, we want to hear from YOU!

For more info send us photos and an email describing your story!  We want to know about your personality, your issues and your family dynamic!  Give us the scoop on your situation and tell us why this show could be just what your family needs!


Jean Arthur

Casting Producer

(626) 535-0868 x 288

To apply for the show send your story to:

To be considered, you must live in/around the LA areaMore information about Blended Family Advice- the instruction manual for blended and step families.