Holiday Page for Blended and Step Families

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Articles to help blended families and step families prepare for the holidays:

Surviving the Holidays as a Single Parent- Guest article by R.J. Jaramillo

Planning Travel for the Holidays – By Shirley Cress Dudley

Home for the Holidays -Guest article by Johnny Tan

Blended Family Vacations– By Shirley Cress Dudley

Celebrating the Holidays without the Kids– Guest article by R.J. Jaramillo

Celebrate the Holidays After a Divorce– Guest article by Paul Banas

Beat the Holiday Blues– Guest article by Paul Banas

Celebrating Christmas in a Divorced or Blended Family -Guest article by Patty Moyes

Children and Loss: When Holidays Trigger Grief (Psychology Today)

Answers to your holiday questions:

  • “We can’t plan our holidays because my husband’s ex keeps changing the schedule”…(read more…)
  • “Our relatives won’t give equal gifts to the stepkids”… (read more…)