RIVR Media looking for a dynamic blended/step family that is about to be married or was very recently married each with kids/teens of varying ages.

Ideally, we are searching for a couple/family where their lifestyle, religious, social, geographical or economic differences are very obvious.

***For example: one side is a “city” family (they are wealthy, live in the city, the kids play video games & have iPhones, etc) and one side is a “country” family (less privileged, live in the country, love to ride ATVs, hunt & fish, etc.)***  (The network has expressed specific interest in this city/country example.)

Essentially, the more layers of differences between the two families, the more we have to work with, learn from and grow from.

The documentary series will focus on what happens as this couple decides to move in together, get married, and blend their VERY DIFFERENT families.

To apply or ask any questions, contact Brooke Aycock at RIVR Media,   Cell: (615) 438-2878 or Email:  brookea@rivr.com