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“You presented some great issues to consider. I am grateful to you for easing my mind on this sensitive subject. Thank you for your guidance and suggestions.” – Lesia, blended family mom

“Thank you Shirley. We will continue to try to stay focused on the present and future and try to let go of the past. You are simply awesome for all of your help!” – Debbie, stepmom

“Thanks for making a difference.” –Randall

“There’s so much helpful information in Blended Family Advice, I want to share it with all my friends who are in blended families.” –Linda M. (stepmother from Ireland)

“I really appreciate you taking the time to give me answers to my questions. Also, I really enjoy reading everything you write.”- Nicola H., Stepsibling

“If you are blending your family- you want to be coached by Shirley Cress Dudley- she’s the best.”- Maritza, stepmom

“Your book, Blended Family Advice, is right on target.”– Faye