Blended family quotes

Sometimes, when you have reached the end of your rope and wonder what possessed you to think you could manage a blended family, reading just the right blended family quotes can provide that bit of encouragement you need. It can be extremely helpful to be reminded that your feelings of frustration, confusion, anger, fear, and feelings of incompetence are neither isolated nor odd when it comes to parenting a step family. From time to time, try an online search for step family quotes that inspire or motivate you.

Keeping on track in your step family

As step parents and partners in a blended family, we can easily get caught up in the mechanics of our efforts to make life better for us and for our kids. Sure, it is important to design systems of guidelines and expectations that will help us create the kind of blended family we desire, but if we give too much attention to the systems, we can lose sight of the goal. How much have we gained by winning an ongoing struggle over an arbitrary bedtime if our teenager resents being treated like a baby? Is getting him to comply more important than his self-respect and knowledge that we see him for who he is? Educator and author Alfie Kohn advises,

Sometimes we have to put our foot down, … but before we deliberately make children unhappy in order to get them to get into the car, or to do their homework or whatever, we need to weigh whether what we’re doing to make it happen is worth the possible strain on our relationship with them.

Envision your goal

A goal is the end result you want to achieve. Perhaps your goal for your blended family is to create lasting memories of love, encouragement, and kindness to share with your step family; memories that continue to nurture and give comfort for the rest of your lives. Picture what that end result might look like, and keep that picture in your mind when things get rough, as they often do in a blended family. Keep your eye on the prize, and try not to get bogged down on the how, but on the why of your goals. Reading articles on blended family advice, and finding step family quotes that speak to your particular challenges can help give words of wisdom, words of encouragement, and words of comfort when we as step parents and managers of a blended family forget why we try so hard and care so much.

Finding quotes about blended families

You can easily find blended family advice, and blended family quotes, in self-help books, in online blogs, in inspirational readings, and on blended family advice websites such as this one. Keep reading. Keep looking for inspirational messages, and when you come across quotes about blended families that speak to you, write them down and put them somewhere they can be a help to you. Stick a post-it on your mirror, on the dashboard of your car, or on your refrigerator. Frame favorite step family quotes and hang them where you can see them and appreciate them.

Building a blended family is hard work, work that takes commitment and vision. Whether you can get your blended family advice, motivation, and encouragement from friends, a support group, spiritual advisors, step family counselors, from books or online, keep at it. Your commitment of time, effort and love is the most important thing you can offer your blended family. Stay on track, and keep your eye on the prize that is a healthy and happy blended family!